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Olive Pies (Eliotes)

I always make a lot of these as they freeze very well; just reduce the quantities to suite.

Sorry if my recipe is a bit vague with quantities but it is trial and error and what you prefer


4 kilos of Flour, Village flour is best or you can use Farina or Plain Flour

4 sachets of Easy Bake Yeast

Dried Mint to taste

1 kilo of pitted Olives or to taste, some people use un pitted olives, whatever you prefer

Pinch of salt

350ml Olive Oil, again you can use as much or as little as you like but the oil is the secret

Medium bowl of chopped Onions, again the choice is yours; you can vary the quantity to suite

Water, again I never measure but it’s usually the same as you use in bread making

Extra flour for kneading in case you need it


Put flour in large bowl.  Add pinch of salt and olive oil. Rub in oil to flour

Mix yeast into flour mixture

Add Olives and Onions, mix in.

Add water gradually, mixing by hand and knead together till mixture is smooth and has a round shape.

Leave the mixture in the bowl and glaze with olive oil

Cover with clingfilm and a tea towel and allow to rise

When risen to twice the size shape mixture

You can shape into a roasting dish or into balls and place them onto baking sheets to cook after they have risen for the second time

Cook for about 30 minutes in a medium oven or till golden brown, as you would with bread.

If you wish to freeze some of the pies, allow to cool before doing so.


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