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Tips on Jam making

There is an art to jam making.  The most important thing is setting and potting jam.


Testing setting point:

  1. saucer test: Spoon a little jam onto a chilled saucer or plate, allow to cool, then push a finger across the surface.  If the jam is ready to set, the surface will wrinkle.
  2. Remove some jam with a wooden spoon.  Let it cool slightly, then allow to drop back into the pan.  If the jam is ready, the drops will run together along the lower edge of the spoon to form large flakes.

Potting and Covering:

            Jars for preserves should be cleaned and warmed in the oven before being used to lessen the risk of cracking (I normally put them in the dishwasher and do a normal wash for glasses or you can just scald them with boiling water)

            Cover jams and jellies with a disc of waxed paper, waxed side down, making sure that it lies flat and is covering the whole surface (if you do not have any, use greaseproof or thick cellophane).  Either immediately or when the jam is quite cold, cover the jar with a cellophane round and secure with an elastic band or screw on lid.


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